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About Bank on Good:

Bank on Good is a better way to understand how your bank, and your money, are working on the things you believe in or more far frequently, the things you don’t.

We are a group of grassroots organisations and NGOs that decided to create a platform to find out what your bank is up to and give you the tools to make them change. Or, if they refuse to change, switch banks.

If you, like us, don’t believe that your bank should fund climate change, we will help you find better options for banking that aligns with your values.

How It Works

The idea is a simple one: we want to help make it as easier for you to switch banks if you don’t like what your current bank is investing your money in.

Here’s what to expect when you use Bank On Good:

  • Sign up: make sure to sign up your mobile device below
  • We’ll text you: You’ll get a confirmation text to get started then when you’re ready we will help to guide you through the process of switching banks. (You don’t have to start switching today)
  • Switching process: Once you’re ready, we’ll start to walk you through the process of switching banks step-by-step, at your own pace with a series of texts and reminders. Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure for bank switching.
  • Resources: After you’ve started the switching banks we’ll offer up options for your new bank, reminders to change direct deposits, and of course closing your old account!
  • Tell your old bank why you switched: Lastly, after you’ve closed your account we want you to create a quick video that we can send to your old bank telling them why you pulled your money out of their bank. They’ll know they’ve lost your money, but we want to make sure they know WHY they lost your money!

Start switching banks

Bank on Good helps you do three things:
  • 1. Educate yourself:

    We’ll help you learn about what your bank is doing with your money. You might be surprised by what projects the banks are using your money to finance.

  • 2. Put your bank on notice:

    We want to show banks that we mean business and by pledging to move your money we can pressure banks to clean up their act and their investments. You have power as a customer, and collectively we can flex that power and pressure banks to make the right investments for people and the planet.

  • 3. Move your money:

    While we want to see all banks divest from dirty and abusive projects, not all banks will do what is needed right away. But there’s good news - there are better banks. We want to make it as easy as possible to move your money from big banks to other banks that align with your values. The tools on Bank On Good will allow you to move your money, show banks that we won’t stand for irresponsible investments, and hold ourselves accountable by putting our money where our mouths are.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of manmade climate change and the absolute imperative to switch to a low carbon economy, most major banks continue to fund and profit from fossil fuel projects.

Your bank not yet on the list?

We’re working hard to get more banks on this site. Please sign up for updates and we’ll let you know immediately when your bank is available.